Is Poso Safe or Not?

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Last week I spent couple days to do volunteering in Buyung Katedo, Seppe, Poso. Some people out there might wonder “why would you go there? Or Don’t go, it is not a safe place to go. I know many people would not be able to forget what happened in Poso since 1998 – 2000s.. When you type POSO on Google, you will find so many news about Interfaith conflicts (Christian and Muslim), terrorism, and massacre, and it make people think that Poso is not safe untill now.

It was my first time to go to Poso. We arrived in Poso at 2 am, but the road to Buyung Katedo is not accessable for bus. So I and other volunteers from Sahabat Pulau decided to walk. To be honest, I was bit worry at that time, beacuse we had to hike for 5km at 2am in the morning and reached our homestay at 4am. Buyung Katedo is a lovely place and the people are so kind. They welcame us nicely. We played with the kids, teach them origami, dance, English, Math, and give free Medical Check-up to the people. It was an amazing experience to stay there. It’s like killing all my bad perceptions about Poso. There is no more conflicts and the people live together in peace. What I want to try to say that Poso Now is a New Poso. It is a definetely a safe place to visit, stay or live. There are so many shopping malls, culture festival and beautiful places to enjoy.

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